Best price of 0.6/1kv Copper conductor XLPE/PVC insulated Steel Wire Armoured Cable

1.Product feature and purpose:Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables is characterized with high mechanical strength,strong resistance to environmental stress,excellent electrical properties ,powerful resistance to chemical attack.In addition,the light and simple products are user-friendly.This product is suitable and designed for power transmission and distribution system of rated voltage 0.6/1kv.In terms of the main feature of anti-flaming cable,the cable is not liable to ignite or continued ignition is only limited to a certain scope applicable to power station ,subway ,tunnel ,high-rise building,large industrial and mining enterprise,oil field,coal mine and other places of intensive distributed electric cables.pvc_arm_cable.jpg2. Operative standard GB/T 12706,IEC 60502 and relevant domestic and international standard.
3.Operational performanceThe maximum allowable operating temperature of the cable conductor:90 C in normal condition and 250 ℃ in case of short circuit (maximum duration of short circuit is 5s).xlpe_arm_cable.jpgHenan Jiapu Cable is professional wires and cables manufacturer in China,we can supply Cu/Al PVC insulation power cable,flexible wire,coaxial cable,aerial bundle cable(ABC), AAC cable, ACSR cable, AAAC cable, concentric cables,armoured cable and unarmoured cable. If you want to get more favorable prices, please contact us!

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