Aluminum 8000 PVC Insulated Concentric Cable

Aluminum 8000 PVC Insulated Concentric Cable


Concentric conductors of copper and aluminum, is entirely consistent with the rules ASTM D 790, D 1248, D 2655, D 2656, UL 854, UL 44.


Each material used in the conductor will be compatible with all other materials used in the manufacture of concentric conductor.

Concentric conductor consists of one or two conductors which in turn are coated with a bare conductor distributed helically around the conductors.

According to these configurations will have a phase and outer concentric neutral (bipolar), or two phases and these external neutral (tripolar).

Section of all conductors that form the concentric conductor of both phases as the concentric neutral is the same.


The materials used in the manufacture of concentric aluminum conductors formed by wires keychain aluminum alloy 8000 series (AA-8000).

Aluminum shall comply with the provisions of ASTM B 3 standard and UL 854.

In the phase conductors with 7 wires, will be able to perform welding wires during wiring. Once this process is completed it will not be allowed two welds closer than 15m (50ft).

The disposition of the tape around the bare conductor shall be performed as follows:

A single layer of tape with a convenient width helically applied without wrinkles or folds and with an overlap of at least 6mm. The tape will consist of nylon, with a thickness of at least 0.09mm.

Concentric Conductors  Al
Features#8 x 2#8 x 3#6 x 3#4 x 3#2 x 3
No. Of wires 77777
Wire diameter  (m.m.)1,2341,2341,5551,9612,473
phase diameter (m.m.)3.713.714.675.897.42
Phase area  (mm²)8,3678,36713.321.1533.62
Nominal electrical resistance  C.C. a 20°C Ohm/Km.3.433.432.161.360.855
Nominal weight Kg/Km22.6922.6936.0757.3791.21
Ampacity  (A)45456075100
Phase Insulation thickness (m.m.) (PE)
Diameter over insulation5.995.996.958.179.7
NeutralNo. Of wires3737376565
Wire diameter  (m.m.)0.5360.5360.6760.6430.823
Area of Neutral (mm²)8.3498.34913.28021.10734.578
Coverage (%)80
Interior Nylon tape thickness (mm²)0.05
Exterior Thickness for PE cover (mm²)


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